Kaus Insurance

Student project for UX Academy


Having been in business now for 30 years, KAUS has experienced a great deal of success following their current method of keeping costs low by creating prepared insurances packages and selling them through regional agents. In recent years, KAUS has seen an impact from not having stayed competitive online.

Kaus is now looking to improve and expand their online presence by providing all their packages through an easy-to-use online marketplace. The goal is to make the shopping experience as easy as shopping for clothes—quick and painless.

Client: DesignLab Student Project
Date: June 7, 2019
Services: UX, UI, Research
Software Used: Figma, Photoshop


01. Research Plan

Learn more about the user’s needs and what features would be required to provide an engaging and effective online presence. Observing features and services they tend to gravitate towards. Learn about pain points for users in selecting an insurance plan and interacting with insurance companies.

Secondary Research

Conducted market research by reading online articles and reviews of competition. Using a competitive analysis to show pains and positive qualities.

Primary Research

Questions put together using findings from the secondary research to use in conducting one-on-one user interviews.


02. Interviews and Persona

Upon completing the secondary research, I created a persona and conducted interviews to help continue to understand the user’s needs as the project progresses.

1-on-1 Interviews

Participants are selected based on the general criteria of people that might be in the market for insurance. Interviewees were between the ages of 25 and 35.


A persona, storyboard, and empathy map were created based on the interview findings and taking into consideration other common customer needs.

Initial Findings and Persona Documents

03. Research Findings

In my findings through the user interviews, there appeared to be a pattern of users wanting a certain amount of human interaction as they go through the process of purchasing insurance. The users ultimately would like to be able to control their policies online themselves after the signup process. I identified some of the needs and common pains amongst the participants.

Needs and desires

  • Initial human interaction.
  • Clarity and differentiation in policy terms/lingo.
  • Easy access on mobile platforms.
  • Clear, easy online quotes.
  • Relaxed experience.
  • Company transparency.
  • As few insurance companies as possible to have policies with.

Common Pains

  • Mobile experience is hard to navigate.
  • Insurance lingo/terms are hard to understand and differentiate.
  • Signing up for insurance feels intimidating without an in person agent. 
  • Being able to go from researching on phone to finishing on desktop. 
Possible Opportunities

  • Mobile experience is hard to navigate.
  • Insurance lingo/terms are hard to understand and differentiate.
  • Signing up for insurance feels intimidating without an in-person agent. 
  • Being able to go from researching on phone to finishing on desktop.

Card Sorting Results

Users were asked to sort cards using OptimalSort. This data will help in creating a site map and determining user flows.

04. Planning and Wireframes

Now that a solid understanding of the user needs is established, as well as having researched design patterns from similar company sites, the next phase involved laying out a detailed plan for creating the product.

View project roadmap

Site Map

User Flow

Task Flow


Wireframes and Low-Fi Prototype

05. Hi-Fidelity UI

I started with creating a mood board to start determining the colors and typography choices for Kaus. I found two font choices that were clear and versatile. The colors were chosen to promote a fun, young overall feeling of the company.

Style Tile and Mood Board

Hi-Fidelity Designs

06. Usability Test

Testing was conducted by giving users brief instructions of the scenarios and tasks. 3 people, 1 female and 2 male between the ages of 20 – 38, performed the tasks based on 3 separate scenarios. Users were asked to document their thoughts and impressions as the went through the tests. 

View the working prototype
Positive Feedback

  • Overall users were pleased with the layout and graphics of the site. 
  • Users were happy with multiple calls to action on both the top and bottom of the site giving them the opportunity to get to where they want to go. 
  • User’s appreciated the continuity of images and icons to help them identify and learn as they go. 
  • Users liked having few required inputs to narrow down package suggestions. 
  • Users liked having icons to quickly identify and differentiate the different coverage options. 
Common Pains

  • The homepage “Enter household size” needs to be simplified or changed to a button to avoid confusion. User’s think it’s a search form at first glance. 
  • Some user’s expressed concern with seeing that managing policies are managed primarily without an agent. 
  • Some users didn’t like seeing repeated content on pages. Unique content keeps them engaged. 
  • Clearer call to actions that go directly to browsing for packages. 
  • Users expect to see an obvious cart on the page that can be viewed as they shop. 
Success Rate 100%
Error-free Rate 80%

Affinity Map

07. Present Findings

Below is a slide deck presenting a summary of the UX research findings a project overview.

08. Deliverables

In addition to packages all the design files and photography, I put together documentation for the developer handoff and guides to using the designs.

UI Kit

View Zeplin Handoff